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Bitter Kola or Garcinia Kola

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Place Of Origin:Nigeria
Brand Name:Airokin
Packaging:As Per Customer Request
Product Status:Available
Supply Type:Seasonal
Usage:Human Consumption

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About Airokin Global Limited - Global Bitter Kola Exporter

Airokin Global Limited is a leading bitter kola exporter, producer & bitter kola supplier from Nigeria. We have the finest & best garcinia kola available for export since we not only produce but also source from the best farms in Africa. We are always on the run to become world's best known bitter kola exporter, therefore we never compromise on our quality.If you are looking for a reliable bitter kola supplier from Nigeria, Airokin Global Limited is just the perfect place.

What is Bitter Kola?

Bitter Kola is also known as Garcinia Kola. This nut comes from the Kola Tree and is usually found in African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast etc. The African country Nigeria is known as the largest Garcinia Kola Exporter in the Globe.

How Long Have We Been Garcinia Kola Supplier?

Airokin Global Limited has been a reliable bitter kola exporter since the past 2 decades. With years of experience, we have had a deep understanding of customer needs from all around the Globe, therefore we successfully offer most of our clients with the a quality of bitter kola that 100% satisfies their needs.

Which Countries Have We Exported Bitter Kola?

We have been a very regular garcinia kola supplier to customers from middle eastern and Asian markets and we are looking to expand our span as a bitter kola exporter to all around the World!

What is the Minimum Order Quantity For Bitter Kola at Airokin Global Limited?

Although our standard minimum order quantity for bitter kola is as low as 22 tons. However, in order to become your on-going bitter kola supplier from Nigeria, we are always ready to negotiate our MOQ.

Do You Have Export License for Your Bitter Kola?

Airokin Global Limited has been a well known bitter kola exporter since the past decade. Following is our Export Licence:

Bitter Kola Exporter License

What Are The Benefits of Bitter Kola?

Being an experienced garcinia kola exporter, we have learned over the years that there are countless benefits of the bitter kola nut. However, the following few benefits are the major benefits of bitter kola:

1) Boosts your sexual potency

2) Makes your bones stronger

3) Fights with sexually transmitted diseases

4) Helps your lungs function better

5) Improves human immunity system

To know more about the benefits of garcinia kola, watch the following video:

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